Thursday, March 28, 2013

home is wherever I'm with you

I remember when I first got married and my parents' house still felt like "home". I had two homes. The apartment I lived in with Jamie in Kitchener and the semi-detached house in Toronto that my parents and brothers still lived in. 

The longer we were married, the more the house that Jamie and I lived in seemed like home.
And then when we started having kids it was solidified. We moved a bunch of times, but home, our home was wherever we all lived together whether it was on Brant Avenue or Gaw Crescent in Guelph or Plot 334 Kampala, Uganda. 

With our move back to Canada closing in on us, I oscillate between calling it "Canada" and "home" when I talk to the boys. I think for Jude, Uganda is home. For Noah, home is in Canada. But for both of them, we will be changing it all up. The house we left is not the house we'll be moving back to.

This house in Kampala has become my home, but growing up in Canada for 29 out of 31 years, for me we are going home.


  1. and we look forward to having you return home. (Kampala will always be a cherished home to you - i'm sure if you go visit it'll feel like going home too)

    1. Oh for sure. I will miss so many things about living here and living in this home sweet home of ours.

  2. I'm only at the whistling and I already love this song hehe! Great post V. Heart warming!

  3. just remembered my friend did a cover of this song.


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