Sunday, March 3, 2013


Three boys!

I love these three. I continue to see how different they all are from each other. Day by day, new surprises and differences are revealed.
Noah and Jude both love to make Blaise smile and laugh, but Noah is sweet and tender while Jude is active and louder. Blaise already loves each of his brothers as they interact differently with him.
Blaise is full of hilarious facial expressions and is happiest when he is naked.

Noah and Jude fight a lot these days. When we were in Spain they were in different childcare groups and Jude especially really missed his big brother. It made my heart melt to see that yes! They do love each other. They might just need a break from each other more than they currently have.

These boys. My three little Wild Things.

Every month on the third, I take a picture of my three boys. Check out past months here.


  1. These are quite possibly the cutests and funniest photos of the 3 of them together. I LOVE aka died from cutness of Blaise's face/cheeks in photo #2!!! I couldn't believe that was him sitting all by himself in photo#1 aahhhhhh I'm missing everything! :( Can't help but feel that way. Love to you all, and so cute to hear that Jude missed Noah, aww!

    1. I know, eh?! The cheeks and especially that face I LOVE. He does it A LOT so I was really glad to have captured it.
      Yeah, you're missing a lot, but you'll make up for it when we're back. The time you'll be WITH them will far outweigh the 2 years spent apart.
      So soon! :D


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