Friday, May 17, 2013

8 month letter

Dear Blaise,

Happy 8 months! Time is just flying by and I continue to be surprised by how old you are. Already.
Developmentally you are really taking on the world! In the past 2 months you've conquered sitting, crawling, pulling yourself up, standing on your own for a second {a few times} and I'm pretty sure you'll be cruising in the next week or two.

You are moving on from purees and can now eat mushy, lumpy food. Your current favourites are applesauce and butternut squash and you're not so much a fan of any "cereal" {so far rice and oatmeal} that I've made yet. But you certainly enjoy eating toast and yogurt so we've been doing a bit of that in the morning.
Oh and you like blowing raspberries when I'm trying to feed you. Which is awesome. And messy. And to commemorate your 8 month birthday, you fed yourself for the first time. With what food, you ask? Chapati. You are truly Ugandan. {And the third child. Obvs.}

No teeth yet. But there are two on the top and two on the bottom that are just ready to break through any day now.

I laughed at you a couple weeks ago as you sat on the ground, spotted an ant and started jabbing your finger at it, trying to touch it or grab it until it found the line of the tile and disappeared from your sight.

You are down to two naps a day getting up around 7am and going to bed for the night around 6:30 or 7pm. Nighttime sleep is still disjointed. But whatevs. You will sleep through the night eventually. I'm tired, but honestly? I'm over it. Moving on.

You are now babbling and will say "mah mah mum mum" if upset and sometimes "dah dah dah dah". It's cute. I like to think you are saying "Mum".

You giggle at funny things like me pushing the kiddie table along the ground or slapping the couch or Noah jumping up and down. Your brothers can ALWAYS make you smile.

You love being held by Ugandans. We think you prefer the darker skin colour. I'm not sure if that sounds racist or weird or something, but you adore our house helper {a familiar face}, our friend Uncle James who is an older Ugandan man {you rejected my arms for his!} and our night guard, Ronald. You also really love the two boys {Kevin & Roden} who have been coming here every day to help their mother with the cooking for the students' dinner. They will wave at you and make funny faces and you always stare and eventually smile at them.

Oh Blaise. I could cuddle and kiss you all day long. You are so squishy and cuddly and I just love you from the very depth of my being. You are rough and tumble and adorable and charming. You will tilt your head and smile at me from across the room and my heart melts in a nanosecond.

I am so glad you are a part of our family and I love you more each day.
You are deeply and fantastically loved. Never doubt that for a minute.


Watch Blaise grow!


  1. What a happy update! I can almost feel him in your descriptions and can't wait to see him for real. gorgeous picture, just gorgeous! xo Mom

  2. Don't say he'll be cruising/walking yet!!!! nooooo hahaha I better get a tan in hopes that he'll want to be held by me then...maybe he'll favor Sam who knows!? Can't wait to squish him and kiss him!


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