Tuesday, May 7, 2013

may THREE {on the 7th!}

Whoops. Time got away from me and I realized yesterday I hadn't taken my monthly picture of the boys.

Now that Blaise is full-on crawling, these pictures got a whole lot trickier. As if trying to get a good shot of three boys wasn't hard enough, now I have a crawling baby! Honestly.

Noah is super helpful and always letting me know what Blaise is doing when he thinks I'm not paying attention. It's sweet. He's always on "choking alert" patrol.

I've been spending extra time with Jude giving him cuddles and hugs and kisses. He has been a lot sweeter towards Blaise as well. He's still super INYOURFACE with Blaise but he loves giving him hugs and kisses.

How hilarious is this shot of Blaise? "How YOU doin'?" {I'm totally getting my boys to recreate this shot when they're older. Like these people did.}

I'm a Mama to three boys! Every now and then I have to say it out loud to believe it {as if my house wasn't evidence enough!}.

Every month on the third {or thereabouts} I take a picture of my three boys. You can view past months here.


  1. Each one is so uniquely different! Love that Blaise is so focused on you!! Happy Mama's Day coming up! xo Mom

    1. Yup. I tell myself quite often that this is just for a short season and soon it'll take all my energies to get him to focus on me. :) Loving it for what it is right now.

  2. It's not even possible to pic a favorite photo! But I agree you gotta recreate that last one for SURE! hahaha soooo funny!

  3. love jude's tongue being out (i'm assuming it's out in the second one too). they def' show their personalities don't they! can't wait to meet the littlest Strickland.

  4. Oh gosh, they are so cute! And crawling, WOWZA!!


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