Tuesday, September 17, 2013

1 year letter

Dear Blaise,

You are ONE year old! Oh how I love you my sweet blondie! {When did that happen? And how?}

You have had my heart from the moment I knew you existed and then tenfold when I laid eyes upon you for the first time. You are full of life and joy and laughter and I wouldn't trade a minute of this sleep-deprived year for anything!

{PS I'm sorry I didn't do a letter for you last month. We were moving and living like gyspies and life was crazy/busy/hard. You're the third child. I'm pretty proud of myself for doing 11 of 12 months of your first year!}

You are walking! You have four teeth! You are doing a bit better in the sleep department but I have yet to sleep through the night. You laugh when others are laughing and wave at anyone and everyone you see. At the grocery store you love smiling and charming the cashiers. I always hope they'll give me free food because of how cute you are. No such luck there, though.

You absolutely adore your brothers and I think you're quite bored during the days they are both in school. Noah and Jude are always greeted with big smiles and laughs when you see them in the morning and after school.

We haven't put you in the room with your brothers yet, but eventually you'll get there. You still wake up lots and so do they so it all works out this way for now anyway.

You LOVE balls. You will throw and catch a ball with anyone who will play with you. You will stand and throw a ball and then totter after it. Or you'll swat a ball and quickly chase after it on all fours. You love pounding anything with a stick.

Your favourites are still "Mamas Milk", blueberries, yogurt, anything the boys are snacking on {you recently snagged a Dorito off of Noah's plate and promptly broke out in a rash before I could get it all away from you} cheese, pasta, peas, avocado, etc. I do find that you're a lot pickier than I remember your brothers being and you'll tolerate certain foods for a bit and then start clearing your tray with large swipes. Or you'll just pick up the food and drop it off your tray.
You will drink cow's milk out of a sippy cup and sometimes water too, but often I'll find the sippy cup on the floor. Leaking.

You love doing things most one years do; opening and shutting cupboard doors, crawling up stairs as fast as you can, being with your family and rough-housing with your Daddy. You love causing destruction as much as you can before I can get to you whether it's opening drawers and pulling everything out, tipping over piles of folded laundry or dumping out the recycling bin.

Ah I love you. Your floppy, blonde hair and your mysterious eyes {although I think they are more brown than anything else} and your squishy body and your toothy smile and your infectious, full-bellied laugh.
I'm so glad you came into our family one year ago. Keep loving life and loving people and I pray for your life to spread passion and joy into everyone you meet and love.

I love you, baby.



  1. Oh how proud we are of you!! both of you, but it's unreal that Blaise is ONE yr old already!! how can it be? but life has been full, and he has done his part to let us know that he's here and loving it! Many blessings on you, sweet baby! Love you so much, Gramma

  2. Awww I love the photo collage at the bottom! So crazy! Loved this letter, can't wait to give hugs and kisses and play catch!


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