Friday, September 6, 2013


How cute is he?

So. After my emotionally thick post on the first day of school, I thought I'd follow it up with how our first week went.

So I picked Noah up from school the first day. No tears (from him - I did get a bit misty, though) and got a big smile. He did declare, though, that he wouldn't be going back to school the next day. Not emotionally. Just calmly and matter of factly. We talked about his day and I would bring up highlights as he mentioned them.

Oh! You got to finger paint? That's so fun!

Wow! You got Goldfish crackers from your teacher? Did they taste the same or different from the ones Mommy gave you?

A nature hunt? That must have been a lot of fun! What kinds of things did you find?

And each day since, he's calmly declared that he will definitely not be going to school tomorrow. And each day we talk about what he's done during the day. The fun parts and the hard parts.
I think he's doing well, though. He says he's made some friends but doesn't remember any of their names. Classic.
He's got to play with his friend from our town house complex twice who is in grade two so that seems to be a highlight for him.

It still makes my heart ache a bit when I drop him off and watch him trying to politely get through the door with the swarming mass of kids around him. It's a lot all at once. And he's doing really well.

Funny exerpts from him:

Mom, every morning in the hallway I hear a kid crying.

I looked for my hat but I couldn't find it.  (It was exactly where he had left it with me. On the shelf above his backpack.)

We have to sit "criss-cross applesauce". 

Mom? Why can't we have gum at school?

We went to the library, but not really in it. The lady who stays in there said it would be a long time for us to take books out.

I like recess. Wait, no. I don't like it. Well, yes and no. I like the long recess, but not the short recess.

And in other news, he's been holding the door for me all the time. I think his school is big on instilling respect and consideration of others. I love it! (And Jude and him even fought to hold the door open for each other. "No after you!" "No after YOU!" Hilarious.)


  1. I've never met your kids...but I kinda love them.

    I'm with Noah on the not-loving-short-recess thing. The long one is the one that counts.

  2. Oh melt my heart to bits! sounds like you're both doing well - and Uncle Danger says he gave Noah a task - to learn one thing each day (like the name of his friend :). love you, you're doing amazing with focusing on the good stuff and finding out what he's been up to! xoxo Mom

  3. I had to chuckle at his daily statement: "I'm not going back to school tomorrow" and expect that you will agree that that would be the best for him! You really handled it well and proud of you :) Look forward to hearing how next week goes with Jude! Love you, Jeanine

  4. LOVE this first day of school photo (was it the first day?) such a great "school/fall" shot! I really like how he tells you everything and you guys talk about it all and he's so cool like a cucumber haha! Also with the door holding :) Fantastic hehe!Great updates!


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