Thursday, November 10, 2016

Haddon's 10 month letter

Dear Haddon,

Happy 10 months, sweet boy! About 4 days before you turned 10 months, you finally got a tooth! Your top right tooth finally cut through and the other top 3 are looking like they might push through within the next month as well. Needless to say, you are drooly and rosy-cheeked and perhaps not as smiley as you usually are but still generally good natured.
You've also fully embraced solids - woohoo! You love scrambled eggs and yogurt and apples and fruit in general as well as Cheerios and porridge.
You chase after balls like it's your mission and you are fairly self-entertained by them as you throw the ball and then chase after it. It's pretty cute.
Speaking of cute/hilarious, your crawl! It's HILARIOUS. It's like a seated, wounded soldier type crawl that's hard to explain but apparently it's quite efficient!
We are in full on baby-proofed mode (well, as baby-proofed as we get around these parts) with a gate and everything (since you already fell down the stairs!). You are obsessed with electrical outlets (insert unimpressed look here) and you are super duper fast at scooting around where you want to be.


Also you are finally in your own room! Blaise is sharing temporarily with Noah and Jude while you get used to a new space and hopefully start sleeping a bit better (if the last few nights are any indication, I'm hopeful it will be soon! For my own personal record as I'll forget, you're currently waking around 9 or 10pm to nurse. Then sometimes around midnight. And then last night nothing between 1 & almost 7am! That's the most in a row I think I've slept since you've been born. Glory Hallelujah!). I think you're going to love sharing with Blaise and my hope is that it only serves to bond you two closer than ever!
You are still much adored by all your brothers and Noah continues to be quite paternal (?) with you, carrying you around and helping you whenever he can. Jude loves making you laugh and so does Blaise although he's been getting more frustrated with you since you can actually get into "his stuff"! :)
Oh and you are currently battling another head cold and have a crazy runny nose which was not helping you in the sleep department a few days ago, but you seem to have come through the worst of it (thank GOD!) and are more or less back to your usual, chill and happy self.
You are, however, entering into the phase where you notice when I'm gone or when I leave you and so putting you down for bed or naps now you'll usually cry out for a minute or when I leave the room or when I'm not paying attention to you, you're now more likely to crawl after me and climb up my leg (oh yes, you're pulling yourself up to standing now and can even stand on your own for a few seconds) and whine. Eek! How are we at that stage already, buddy? Even with the attachment stuff happening, you are still so happy and generally happy to go and hang out in other people's arms. The other day a friend came to drop something off and as we stood at the door and chatted, you decided you wanted her to hold you and you practically lurched out of my arms and into hers. It was so incredibly adorable and then you proceeded to smile and pat her hair and face. You are just so stinking adorable!
I'm so thankful for you and for your happy nature, how you love people and how your smile just lights up a room and I'm sure has made a day or two.
You are still a chubba chubba and I think you weigh around 26lbs although I'm not sure. But you're wearing between 12-18 mos and 18-24 mos clothing.
You are the sweet baby of the family and we are ever so glad God gave us you!

I love you mucho mucho baby!

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