Saturday, September 9, 2006


Things that made me happy today:

- a glorious sleep-in

- Rolo Ice Cream for lunch

- getting to spend time with my sister

- my sister getting hooked up with Western C4C

- tv shows on DVD

- "down" time

- left-over candies from East Side Marios

- chasing Jamie around the house

- reading a bit and listening to a sermon on being filled with the spirit

- going to bed...well, it will make me happy!


  1. Vanessa

    Hey. i met your sister. She looks a little bit like you, which helped. She was pretty cool. And she was in the army, so that means she could probably beat me up or shoot me or something. But I am glad it worked out, she seemed excited about stuff.

  2. vanessa... you make me happy :)

  3. vaness, your sister was in the army!? intense. i like that you ate rolo ice cream for lunch. soooo good. and sooo healthy.


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