Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Today was a good day for many reasons but one lovely trip down memory lane was perhaps my favourite. It was my favourite because of how unexpected it was.
The story goes:
After dinner tonight Jamie and I traipsed off to the grocery store. Zehrs.
I love Zehrs. Now mind you, it wasn't the amazing Imperial Zehrs but any Zehrs is better than Price Chopper or Food Basics.
Ok, so I'm a food snob. I like my frills!
Leaving the rabbit trails behind...
So we're slowly making our way. Up and down each aisle. Perusing. Looking at all the fantastic and strange fruits and vegetables.
When just as I'm about to grab some Soup To Go, I look up to see a familiar face talking to Jamie.
It's Jared.
From the summer camp Jamie and I worked at 7 years ago.
The same summer we started dating.
So it turns out that Jared and his wife life a few houses down from the Zehrs. And he invited us over for dinner! Did I mention he's a trained chef?
Maybe we'll be couple friends!
It's little reunions like this that make me smile on the inside and on the out.
Such a little, silly thing and yet...God knew exactly what He was doing when he put us both in Zehrs.
Thanks God...for the many blessings you pour out on me - they are raining down on me and I am jumping in the puddles.


  1. That is quite fantastical, Vaness - a very special thing indeed. :)

  2. Jared and Lindsay?? Her parents go to my church. (i am guessing it is them, because how many young christian married men are there who are also trained chefs?) also, if this is them, lindsay is graydon's cousin.

    let's all sing, "it's a small world..."


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