Sunday, September 17, 2006


Today was a good day.
I forgot how much I really enjoy hockey.
And live sporting events in general.
Jamie and I went to see the Leafs Blue & White game.
This is an annual event before the first pre-season game where all the Leafs suit up into two teams - one team wears their blue jerseys and one team wears their white jerseys.
Then no matter what happens - the Leafs win!
An idea situation if you ask me.
I'm looking forward to this hockey season and one that ends with the Leafs hoisting that silver cup in the air.


  1. whoa. new look = me feeling lost and unsure if I misclicked on something. it is pretty.

    sorry to hear about your grandfather and relieved to hear that there was reconciliation. take good care.

  2. yah, im with Deb. I was like, 'where am I?'.. so pretty... how'd you get this?


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