Monday, September 4, 2006


O-week (aka Frosh week) has begun.
And I love it.
Last night I danced my little heart out on the field along with hundreds of first years and learned my favourite new dance move, The Toy. Good times.
Today I scooped and gave away over 400 free snowcones.
Good times!
Although I didn't get to chat with too many first years, I did notice a girl sitting by herself in the cafeteria reading "Would you like to know God personally?" that she had received for free from our C4C booth. I decided to go over and chat with her.
I don't know what will come of the conversation but I look forward to many more conversations in which to talk about the one person I love the most - Jesus Christ.
I followed up with a ton of girls who left their info and hopefully will be meeting with at least 3 of them this week.
I love my job.

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