Wednesday, September 6, 2006


Today I:

- made hundreds of snow cones
- had probably 15 bees swarming me (and landing on me) as I attempted to "flavour" the snow
- discovered that I enjoy ultimate frisbee
- met some great people (including a girl who knew Carmen from Carleton)
- set up another followup meeting for this week (we're at 5 and counting, folks!)
- took a ton of pictures of people playing sports (and I am attempting to attach them in an email to rmitts)
- ate "real" Chinese food (so good - thanks Becky!)
- played "the bowl" game with some awesome peeps (and we won - oh yes...)
- watched 4 episodes (back to back) of Lost Season 2 with the hubster
- had a scalding hot shower - it was "delicious"
- marvelled at God's faithfulness and sovereignty in the midst of chaos and uncertainty

...did a whole bunch of other things that are probably worth mentionning but not worth reading.

1 comment:

  1. you're one busy lady!!still wondering how you also managed FOUR episodes of LOST... I'm totally crazy about LOST. I love Jack. Love him.


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