Monday, June 18, 2007

Road Trip Home

So 4 days, 3 provinces and 4 states later Jamie and I are back in Guelph, Ontario.
It sure does feel good to be back - in the heat. :)
Some highlights (or not):

1. Getting stopped twice going into the States (once going into North Dakota and once going into Michigan) and getting our entire car (luggage and all) searched and being individually questioned. I guess you never know with us missionaries. We're a sketchy lot. Especially the pregnant ones.

2. Driving through some beautiful little cottage towns on the edge of Lake Superior. I love summer!

3. Finding Jujyfruit candies at a gas stop we made. They really do stick to your teeth!

4. Getting two giant bugs fly through my open window. One splattered on my face and the other landed on my arm. Dead and icky.

5. Reading parenting books out loud to Jamie.

6. Visiting some good friends in the Soo.

7. Listening to Fall Out Boy really, really loud.

It was a good trip, but a long trip and I'm glad to be home.

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