Sunday, June 24, 2007

registries and kicking

Some updates:

On Friday (2 days ago) Jamie and I drove into TO to do our registry at Babies R Us. With both our moms. It was fun, but tiring. The longest to figure out, I think, was the stroller. But it was fun playing around with all of them, pushing them around the store and pondering how much our lives are going to change. So much stuff! Of course, no one says you MUST have all these things (other than a car seat and...perhaps a stroller...) but it sure is fun to look at it all.
So we hummed and hawed and eventually decided on registering for a Graco stroller with matching infant car seat/carrier.
So that was fun.
Last night while reading in bed, the baby started to kick. So I told Jamie to put his hand on my stomach and just continue reading in case the baby kicked again. And just as I looked at Jamie after I felt a kick, Jamie gasped! He felt the baby! Hooray! I laughed out loud - it was so exciting. It's fun to be able to share with Jamie what I've been feeling for the past month and a bit now.
Tomorrow is our 3 year anniversary and we'll probably celebrate with a fun trip to the beach and a picnic lunch or something.
Tuesday is our first midwife appointment since we've been back so that will be good to see C again and chat with her and update her with all that's been going on. It will also be good to hear back from the ultrasound in more detail to verify that everything looks good and healthy.


  1. Congratulations on your 3rd anniversary!! and on Daddy feeling his little one for the first time!!

  2. So Daddy, was the kick good enough to play soccer?


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