Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Sickened by Sportsnet

Well Sportsnet has lowered itself beyond what I thought was possible for a sports station.
Today Sportsnet announced that they had amateur footage of a lap dance being given on a golf course and they wanted to poll their viewers to see if they wanted to see it or not. The deal was that if 75% of people wanted to see it, they would show it.
75%? Really? You think it will be THAT hard to get 75% of people (predominantly men who watch a sports station) to log in and vote that they want to see a FREE lap dance!??!
So I voted that I didn't want to see it, but noticed that their numbers had already sky rocketed to 88% voting YES.
This is why I think it's sick, pathetic and wrong that Sportsnet broadcasted that extremely inappropriate video (they DID show it):
1. One of the broadcasters said it was "news" and they want to bring the "news" to the people. Oh that's a bunch of crap. You don't have clips of the latest happenings in the economy or business, do you? That's news to some people. News my eye.
2. A lap dance is NOT sports. I don't care WHERE it happened, golf course or not...lap dancing is a highly sexual, explicit and inappropriate thing to be showing on public television that anyone can view. You're a SPORTS station - SHOW SPORTS.
3. What a wimpy act to "poll" the viewers as opposed to making a decision for yourself what YOUR programming will be - so that when people like me write in to complain you can just say, "Oh it wasn't us...we just polled the viewers and THEY decided." That is so weak and pathetic. Why don't you just say you didn't have the guts to take the heat for a decision to show sleazy footage so your ratings would get a boost?
Sick, sick, sick.
I'm livid.
Anyone else want to boycott Sportsnet?
Write with your complaints and disgust to:

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