Friday, June 8, 2007


I'm never quite sure if I'll sleep well or not. Each night I approach with a certain trepidation.
Will I be too hot? Too cold?
Will I be able to sleep comfortably on my side or can I get some time sleeping on my back?
Should I risk sleeping on my right side when my arm constantly falls asleep and ends up being extremely painful?
How many times will I get up to pee or will I sleep solidly throughout the entire night?
I miss my own bed.
And it's not about me being tired or not. I'm tired pretty much every night. I am just a stomach sleeper and it's far too uncomfortable to sleep on my stomach at this point.
Last night was a good sleep. The night before...not so good.
What will tonight hold?


  1. Oooh, sounds like carpal tunnel! Pick up a wrist brace at Shoppers.. it makes a difference! I did sleep on my tummy til about 7 months...but hmmm yah, not fun!

  2. At this moment, so glad I'm not preggers. Its hard enough to get a good night's sleep anyways! Poor Baness. (although...i never HAVE been a stomach sleeper, it hurts the...bosom....I'm surprised you find it comfortable miss boobers). YAY! I get to see the belly soon! (dont worry, I wont talk to it or touch it)


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