Tuesday, June 5, 2007

some thoughts as of late

Well it's been noted by a couple people that I haven't really written much on this blog lately - just posted pictures. I guess at this point the picture tells more of where I'm at than anything else. But a little update on where I'm at, how I'm doing and whatnot would be appreciated I'm sure.
So I feel the baby move every day many times a day. I've tried to see if I could feel it from the outside, but it's hard to tell. I think Jamie and I may have to lie down and wait for a kick and see if he can feel it or not.
Usually I feel the baby in afternoons, often later on and in the evenings - not too late, though. I haven't been woken up at all from the baby yet which is nice and no late night trips to the bathroom yet either. Also nice.
I'm also as hungry as ever. Not unusually hungry, but I've definitely got my appetite back and am enjoying eating:
  • cereal; I love having a huge bowl of really sugary cereal - not great for me, but at least I'm getting a good intake of milk!
  • strawberries and berries in general - they're really good here for some reason and often on sale.
  • sweets. But that's not anything new.
  • cheese. Again, not anything new there.
I don't think I've had cravings really, but the things that I usually like, are still my favourites. Not too enthused about eggs but I've heard that's a common aversion for preggos.
Also I've really been diving into reading books on both Attachment Parenting and Babywise Parenting. At one point I got really overwhelmed and emotional wondering if I'd ever figure it out since they both attack the other philosophy and make it seem wrong. *sigh* I had to come to the conclusion that Jamie and I need to combine instinct, our personalities as well as thoughts and ideas from both philosophies. I took a rest from reading those books for a couple weeks but have recently picked up the Babywise book again.
I'm appreciating getting a fair look at both sides and am finding that they both are aiming for the same thing, just going about it slightly differently. In the end we just need to do what's best for our baby and what's best for us too.
I've had lots of thoughts swirling around my head over these past few weeks. Doubts, concerns, minor freak outs like "What have I gotten myself into?" and "I'm totally not ready for this - oh crap" but I can't imagine doing this without Jamie by my side. It's been such a blessing to have someone who is incredibly supportive and doesn't have to cope with all these crazy hormones who can give me a balanced approach to us becoming parents and the remind me with confidence that we'll be good parents who will love our children.
It's definitely eye opening to spend heaps of time with couples who have young kids and see the fussing, crying, feeding, napping, playing, laughing and general ups and downs of having a little one to care for.
Well, I guess that's enough for one post.
I'm hoping to go to a second hand maternity shop this afternoon for our day off - I just need to convince Jamie to come with me.

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  1. Well said...I know you'll be great parents!! and thanks for the update!


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