Thursday, November 29, 2007


I am ambitiously attempting to do Christmas baking this year.
Here are the cookies I'd like to make:
1. My annual tradition of Cheese Stars. I made these the first year I got married and have made them every year since (this will be the fourth year I'll have made them!)! They're a favourite of everyone and especially delightful with a nice red wine.
2. Chewy Molasses Spice Cookies - this recipe I got off of Martha Stewart's website and it is a GOODER. I first made it last year and they were definitely one of my favourites.
3. Kris Kringle Cookies - I've never made these before but I found the recipe on and they look good so I'm going to try them.
4. Thumbprint Cookies - your typical Christmasey cookie. Looks delish.
5. Chocolate Candy Cane Cookies - they are exactly what they sound like.

So that's it.
This will be interesting with a baby around now.

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  1. Hullo Mommy vanessa (:
    i'd like to do some baking here as well..might i have the recipe for the cheese stars and your regular christmas cookies. I wanna try making something fun here like that in NA.


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