Sunday, November 25, 2007

Christmas music

American Thanksgiving has marked the beginning of the Christmas season for at least....6 or 7 years now. Every year we celebrate it with some family and friends (of which I believe 1 is American) and then Jamie deems it appropriate to start listening to Christmas music. :)
Today we put up our tree and bought a few Christmas presents.
Friday I purchased 3 Christmas albums and am very excited about them:

1. Sarah McLachlan's Wintersong - mellow and including several "true" Christmas songs
2. Christmas Remixed - a great album of oldies that have been "re-grooved" to listen to straight up or have in the background. It's got the remixed song "I've got my love to keep me warm" by Kay Starr that I always hear in stores and wish I knew who it was I do!
3. Dianna Krall's Christmas Songs - a GREAT jazzy album - and she's Canadian too!

(Jamie's comment to me when I told him I purchased these albums on iTunes was, "Oh no! I thought that now that you were home your purchases would be limited! I was so wrong." Oh the wonder of online shopping.)


  1. I heard an interview with D.Kraull when she was prego with twins...! don't know what she was recording then!
    Yay for Christmas!

  2. Where do you think I could find that Christmas remix album besides itunes?
    What artist is it?


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