Friday, April 27, 2012

{last} friday {in april} links

whew. the last friday in april! and the beginning of a very, very busy month and a half! our friend and co-worker, kelley, arrived on wednesday night and tomorrow night another 5 other co-workers join us. then on may 1st, 12 canadian students are arriving for a summer missions trip/project until mid-june! i'm excited. it's going to be busy and crazy, but so good. i'm looking forward to some more female interaction! not that i don't enjoy being around jamie, my boys and nick & trevor, but still. girls are good.

speaking of trevor, it's his birthday today! happy 25th, trev!

today noah said, hey mom! do you know what i want to be when i grow up? an artist!!! because i really like to draw things.

so i totally just noticed that noah is flipping the bird {unintentionally, of course} at jude. 

he drew the baby and turned to me and said, do you think his hands will be that big? i guess we won't find out until he comes out of your belly!

so cute.

weekend links!

i'm not sure if i've said so before, but i am hopeless at sewing. i wish i could sew. i even have a sewing machine. maybe i need some one-on-one tutorials or something. anyway, if i could sew, i would totally make this pouf. or several.

who doesn't like freebies? here's a {free!}sweet "week-at-a-glance" planner from Oh the Lovely Things.

this is something i've contemplated. we don't have a huge issue with gifts with us being here in africa and so far from family and friends, but the wheels are a-turning for the day we return. because - well, for so many reasons. but that's for another post. here's a birthday trend that started a couple years ago.

this idea may be more acceptable to our families for birthdays. i absolutely love it and my friend jen did a variation of this with her "5 & 5" birthday party she threw for her son, elijah when he turned 5 years old.

and if you haven't seen this video, you must. a 12 year video project!

and while i continue to meditate about our family expanding and adding a third boy, i am excited. seriously. so much joy. i was encouraged by this woman's blog post on the joy of boys.

and of course, food. i am making this cake tonight upon trevor's request. it doesn't look like much but

happy weekend!


  1. I should have known better than to open that cake recipe....wondering what excuse I can use to justify making it this afternoon!?

  2. You are killing me! my list of save to fav's is huge! but isn't she fun to read? Noah the artist, has been developing for a couple of yrs hanging gallery?? love his drawing!
    Enjoy the girl time and craziness!! love you!


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