Friday, April 20, 2012

friday links

this morning i threw jude's beloved bunny in the wash thinking, if i do it now, it'll be washed and dried by the time his nap rolls around.
and then our inverter went on the fritz and everything connected to our inverter stopped working. like the washer. we called our handy electrician friend who said he'd come by around "mid-day" {noon}. we went out to run a few errands. came back, ate lunch and then it was time for naps and jude's bunny was still sitting in the washer; soapy and wet.
i convinced him to lie down and told him that he'd have to nap without his bunny. he didn't cry, but he did tell me {repeatedly} that he missed his "bun-bun" and wished he had his bunny back. and then he napped. for a good {almost} 2 hours. woohoo!
by the time he woke up, our inverter was working, bunny had been washed and was in the dryer. jude was happy. so was i.

anyway, here are some links for you to enjoy this weekend!

already thinking about mother's day? here's a fun-looking craft for the mom who is a goddess in the kitchen!

this.looks.amazing. please make this today. or this weekend. or just...soon.

this is a fun craft you can do with kids and it's from a blog i've recently discovered and subscribe to.

addicted to instagram? i think i might be if i had a smart phone. here's a review on a bunch of really cool and fun-looking products you can make with your instagram pictures. {i also just found her blog and am now subscribed to it. love these aussie bloggers!}

i am addicted to this website. gorgeous nursery themes for your baby or toddler. love, love, love all of her themes!

and an article i came across this week and was so refreshed by. on finding and receiving grace - especially in those early years of motherhood.

happy weekend!


  1. Seriously, if Noah's shirt was solid, this could be right out of the 50's! both boys look edible to me right now :) xoxo

  2. AW Such cute photos! I'm going to check out some of those links right now! Also what program are you using to get that texture on the photos?

    1. Thanks, Bean! I've now graduated on to PicMonkey now that Picnik is done.

  3. Your boys are so cute... Noah looks so handsome with that hat, and Jude so adorable with the stickers...

    Also, loving the Friday links... can I copy?? this might help me to post more blogs... ;)

  4. Ha ha! His little sticker face is TOO cute! And you remind me that I want to do one of those blurb books so badly...


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