Friday, April 13, 2012

rainy friday links

it's rainy today in kampala. probably one of my most favourite kinds of days in uganda. i know that the rain is something i will miss when we leave. it's just somehow different than rain in canada.

here are your friday links:

start your mornings with this amazing smoothie. i know i would if i had these ingredients!

and then perhaps make this snack for your kids. how adorable!

looking for a gift to give a new mom or mom-to-be? this is amazing. a box every month full of amazing gifts. i want this.

please. as soon as you have nice weather {wherever you are} throw this party. do it now.

butternut squash muffins! who knew? {i'm trying them this weekend!}

need a reading nook? i would read in this every day if i had this. part nook/part fort. love it.

and lastly {and most importantly}, if you're in Canada, you should sign up and register to be a stem cell donor to see if you're a match for someone who desperately needs it. my good friends, andrew and suzanne, are asking all their friends and family to get tested to see if you match andrew, who has been diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia since this past december. they have an adorable 1 year old son named jacob and they are some of the most amazing, wonderful, Jesus-lovin' people i have ever had the pleasure of knowing.

happy weekend, everyone!

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  1. Nice variety!! I especially love the BLT party idea!!


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