Wednesday, April 25, 2012

little world traveler

the other day noah said, i want to travel the world. like mouk.
i laughed and said, buddy, you are mouk! you've been to more places than a lot of kids i know! and you're living in africa! not very many kids from canada get to move to africa and live there for 2 years.

so what {or who?} is mouk? well, it's a show that the kids have started watching on tv here on disney junior and it's adorable. it's essentially about these two animals that travel the world and experience different cultures and then they skype back home on the computer to their friends/family and share their experiences. i love it! and our boys really relate to it, especially noah.

anyway, i think it's super cute. and thought i'd list all the places noah has been to in his short little life {for posterity, of course!}.

toronto, ON
guelph, ON
vancouver, BC
{road trip to} quebec city, QC
{road trip to} florence, SC
{road trip to} chicago, IL
london, england
all over northern ireland
madrid, spain
nerja, spain
amsterdam, the netherlands
all over tanzania
kampala, uganda
jinja, uganda

i think that's it {so far}.
that's huge! what a little traveler. and more places to come...


  1. You forgot Chicago! What a great visit that was. Miss you!

    1. Yes! I knew there was at least one I was forgetting! Miss you, too! That was such a fun visit. Unexpectedly amazingly fun. Can you believe we were both pregnant with our #2's?

    2. this is so cute!
      typical of kids to not even realize they're in the coolest places, eh!?
      Noah and Jude are two lucky boys! and your 3rd bambino boy too :)

  2. hehe I totally watched that video. So cute! I love that your kids will be aware of how different the world is everywhere by experience! me = jealouuuuus! haha


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