Monday, April 16, 2012

how to make a sandbox in uganda

on saturday morning we woke up with no plans.

jamie said, let's go to the beach.

i said, let's make a sandbox instead!

so jamie called our friend james who can do pretty much everything and our local carpenter friend robert and told them what we were looking to do. today.
they both came over around 11am.
jamie, james and robert gathered 'round a notebook and discussed plans and materials.

then they dispersed, picked up supplies and got started.

one of the delightful things about africa when it works to your advantage is how people are just 'available' to help out with whatever needs to get done. sure i can come to your house right now and help you build a sandbox. why not?

we decided we wanted to paint it red. {noah said he wanted pink, but personally i don't think i could handle seeing a pink sandbox for the next year and a bit.}

oh...and then you probably need some sand for that big 'ole empty box. many sandboxes is all that sand for? just ours? oh. okay.

now it's time to fill 'er up!

sandbox complete!

and now we welcome many hours of play outside and more sand than i'd like inside!

also...anyone need any sand?


  1. HAHA Go big or go home I guess huh? Awesome looking sandbox...I guess Jamie gets his beach after all!

  2. That's so nice everyone helped you build it. Looks like it will be lots of fun. Stopping by from Elaine's

  3. that's awesome!! I wondered where all the sand went! I could also use some guys to 'just drop by' to do stuff :) Red is a great colour! Enjoy your new playground.

  4. I thought that was a lot of sand! ha! How fun! You got all that done in one day? I'm impressed!

  5. That is so funny that they brought you all that sand!! I bet the boys are having a blast!!


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