Monday, November 26, 2012

our Christmas favourites: music and movies

it's no secret we love our christmas movies and music. in fact, last year someone told me that i own more christmas music than anyone else they know {my iTunes "christmas jollies" playlist has 191 songs.}. i take that as a compliment.
and then this year jamie suggested {aka challenged} me/us to watch all our christmas movies. in the words of barney stinson, "challenge accepted!".

so... music and movies - christmas style. {insert gangnam style music here.}

first up is boney m. seriously. does anyone NOT like boney m at christmas? maybe i shouldn't ask that. i'm sure there are some out there who very much do not like boney m. but me? LOVE it. i wonder if it's because it makes me think of my sister and i love my sister. last year i bought mary's boy child and have already had numerous dance parties to it. besides, if there's any christmas music that feels appropriate to listen to in africa, it's mary's boy child. by boney m. watch this video. it's a-maze-ing.

and mariah carey. i love her christmas album. i love mariah. is it really christmas if you haven't listened to "all i want for christmas is you"? i think not.

last year i was introduced to an incredible band called folk angel. they first released a christmas EP in 2009 and then an entire album in 2010. last year i bought both and loved listening to both old favourites and new songs that they cover. their music goes deeper than santa and christmas trees. i blogged last year about their spoken word piece called "god with us" - the lyrics are incredible. definitely worth a listen to. they just released their newest album. it's likely i will buy this one as well. {because i'm so close to 200!}

i love chris tomlin and diana krall and michael buble {seriously. check out that link! so fun!} and sufjan stevens. third day and christmas with the rat pack and jewel. i love 'em all. there's tons of fabulous music out there. but i need to get onto movies!

 so. this year we're attempting to watch all our christmas movies. we made a list and we've got 21 christmas movies. here they are {if you're curious}:

the holiday *
love actually *
how the grinch stole christmas {cartoon version}
how the grinch stole christmas {jim carrey version} *
national lampoon's christmas vacation *
the santa clause
the santa clause 2
the polar express*
home alone
home alone 2
white christmas
charlie brown christmas
8 crazy nights
elf *
christmas with the kranks
miracle on 34th street
christmas carol {the old version}
simpson's christmas special 1
simpson's christmas special 2
all i want for christmas
muppet's christmas carol

the ones i've put an asterix by are our favourites. national lampoon's is a family favourite and tradition from jamie's family and i've grown to love it. {that's marriage for ya.}
the grinch is a big favourite of mine because i love jim carrey. {the holiday is also quickly becoming a favourite of mine. because really? i love jack black. i think i have a thing for funny guys.}
and the boys really love the polar express. i like it too. 
i've crossed out the ones we've watched already. so it looks like we're 6/21 so far. 

we have a bunch of other kids christmas movies that we haven't "counted" towards our list, but the boys have already watched a bunch of them. one i got last year that is sweet and tells the story of christmas without annoying music {actually, the music is pretty good!} or voices is the very first noel. i highly recommend it. it's told from the viewpoint of one of the wise men and it's all in rhyme. it's very well done. you can actually watch the whole thing on youtube

so those are some of our favourites. what are yours?


  1. Haha why does Boney m remind you of me??? I'll take it though! :) Also I LOVE that video of the Bube!
    We just started watching the Nativity last night, it's a good one. I also agree, Christmas isn't Christmas if you haven't listened to Mariah or watched the Grinch.
    I may not have as many Christmas songs as you (103) but I get my fix on Songza these days ;)

  2. OH you put the films up! Sweet!! Thank you! :)

  3. I listened to all of them! I love Christmas music. Thanks for sharing them! I plan to add Boney M to my music tradition :)

  4. Um- can you watch Elf this week so I can borrow it on Sunday? Please :)

  5. love this list - going to add a few to my own!

  6. my christmas playlist has 269 items... and NO BONEY M!!! tragic, i know. TRAGIC.


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