Monday, November 19, 2012

our favourite christmas iPad apps

so it's getting to be that time of year!!!

we love christmas around here. usually we wait until american thanksgiving to begin decorating and playing christmas music but this year we decided to move it up a bit due to the fact that it doesn't really feel like christmas here with the hot weather. and that's okay, it just means i get to play my christmas music a bit earlier than usual. so this weekend began the christmas season for us here in the strickland household {although we did almost "cancel" Christmas before we even had our tree set up due to whining, hitting and general bad behaviour. oh life.}.

in the next few weeks i'll be blogging about what are our favourite christmas things including:

music & movies
toys & decorations
ways to give

first up is iPad apps
jamie recently got an iPad and i've been going nuts downloading tons of fun {free!} christmas apps for us all to enjoy.

i tried this one out for the first time and had to stifle a laugh because noah was in the next room and i didn't want him to come and see. it's hilarious! you get to work in a barber shop and cut santa's hair. there are options to comb, cut, colour and grow back his hair. check out toca boca's hair salon. {you can also trim a tree as well. get it? trim a tree? aha.} the boys both love this one so it's an all 'round hit!

i absolutely love this one. it's a gingerbread cookie maker. so you guys know i love to cook and bake for reals, but this is baking without all the mess {well, and the actual cookie to eat, but whatevs.}. i love how you get to add the ingredients and stir it all together and even roll and cut out the cookies. once they're baked, you get to decorate them with icing, candies and nuts. this one is free and fun!

there are tons of free countdowns and of course you have to get the talking gingerbread man. my kids can't get enough of those silly apps. 

as for beautiful books you can read on your iPad here are my favourites:

this one isn't free {$2.99}, but it's beautifully illustrated and with the accompanying music of Tchaikovsky, you can't go wrong. it's a great way to introduce your kids to some great music and a beautiful winter/christmas story.

and this one is a classic. if you're going to pay for any iPad christmas app, let it be charlie brown's christmas. it's lovely. and i always love how the real Christmas story is told. word for word, straight from the Bible. love it. {there's also a free "trim the tree" Charlie Brown app, as well.}

what are some of your favourite yuletide apps?


  1. Oooo Christmas! I can't wait to hear all about your Christmas traditions and loves and your artsy fartsy marth stewart home-making!!! We almost had to cancel Christmas because we can't get a tree! But we'll figure something out. Keep them blogs rollin' sweet sistah! I just love that you continue to blog and bake while breastfeeding and raising 2 boys. You're amazing. And I love ya. And I miss ya.

    1. Aw, no tree. Would one of these options work for you guys? or if all else fails, just go out to the park/forest near by and grab some large branch and decorate that. :) You can just call it a Very Merry Hipster Christmas. :)

      Love you too. xo

    2. we DO have an empty plant might be onto something there V!! I think I'm going to try pleading poverty to my folks first and see if they can help us out! Thank heaven for folks! :) xo


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