Saturday, November 17, 2012

2 months

dear blaise {aka "blazer", aka "smalls"}

you are 2 months old. amazing. it almost seems as if you change from hour to hour!

you are wearing 3-6 month and 6 month clothing. it would seem you are taking after your oldest brother in this regard. some of the clothes we were given didn't even get worn by you because you're growing so quickly!

speaking of clothes, how cute are you in your tuxedo onesie from your auntie bean? answer: SO CUTE.

you are at your smile-iest right after you've woken up and have had been fed {well, who wouldn't be?}. your smiles kill me and melt me right down into a puddle. wide, open-mouthed, gummy smiles.
your brothers fight to hold you {pretty much every morning} and you {for the most part} tolerate their over exuberance in hugs and kisses.

you will sit in your rocking chair for a bit, but you definitely prefer to be held. and by me. but whatevs. i know it's a short, short time and before i know it, you'll be tall and lanky like your brother noah. crazy.

you aren't really gassy anymore, {thank goodness!} but you do spit up after every feed but this only gives me an excuse to change you into another cute outfit.

and your hair! the number one thing people comment on is your hair. it just spikes up on its own! you also have developed the dreaded cradle cap. guh. i hate cradle cap. but i went to town on it after your last bath with a little comb and just combed as much of it off as i could. apparently you're like me in that you like your hair/scalp to be played with/combed/touched/etc. as you fell asleep shortly after i started.

you're doing swimmingly at sleeping at night. you generally go to sleep easily around 8pm and i'll dream feed you at 11pm and then you usually wake up to eat around 3 or 4am and then it's back to sleep until 6:30 or 7am. {sometimes later if i'm lucky.}

however with naps we've had to continue to work on and fight through. {why don't babies like to nap during the day? why?}
but you'll usually take a decent nap in the morning and then i have to be diligent in watching for sleepy signals in the afternoon but that last nap in the early evening is fought tooth and nail as you prefer to be held. {isn't that convenient?}.

your daddy and i often wonder what you'll be like as we've watched your two older brothers' personalities come through. you certainly seem to know what you want and aren't afraid to let us know. you have a smile that could melt the hardest heart and i think you'll be quite accomplished in the art of persuasion - using good old-fashioned charming methods, of course.

we love you oh-so-much and look forward to what the next months will hold.

i love you,

*see how blaise grows!


  1. His hair does that on it's OWN? AH so cute! I died when I saw the photo of him in the onesie haha it looks like he's protesting being "dressed up" can't wait to hug and squish him!

  2. Yes! he's got that 'don't make me dress up mom' grumpy face!! adorable and already so much bigger than almost 2 weeks ago (how can it be that already?).

  3. LOVE the hair :) what a great post!.

  4. he is AWESOME. :)
    Ezra had/has cradle cap - the other two didn't. I found coconut oil worked wonders - don't know if you've tried that but coming through with coconut oil seemed to keep it at bay.

    i love how you still find the time to blog with three kiddos. you are pretty AWESOME too.

    love you!

  5. That onesie is SO cute - love it! And wow, 2 months already!!

  6. i have a friend whose baby girl had the same hair. nothing could tame it. i loved it. therefore i love that Blaise's hair does that too. my kids still have cradle cap - i hated everything about it, so i didn't do much with it. however when elijah had lice a few weeks ago it was quite annoying to sift thru cradle crap (as i refer to it). he's so chubby and cute!!


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