Friday, November 23, 2012

a gobblety goop of things

it's been a good week. but it hasn't been an easy week.

we're currently experimenting with not swaddling blaise for his naps. he sleeps no better, but no worse. we'll see how it goes.

blaise got his 2 month immunizations on tuesday. he's been a bit irritable during the days. thankfully still sleeping really well at night.
i'm tired. and most days i feel like i fail more than i succeed. but there's grace. and strength.
i'm feeling a bit lonely and missing face-to-face conversations with people who know me and love me and understand me. but there's grace. and strength.

i had a bit of an ache in my heart the other day as we drove the streets of kampala. i was thinking about how i'll miss living here when we leave. i'm very much excited for the day we return to canada, but right now? kampala is home for us. and there are many things i'll miss about living here. {noah remarked to me almost seconds after i thought this that he is glad we're moving back to canada because the streets are bigger and don't have pot holes. yeah. that'll be nice.}

i crocheted a scarf. it's incredibly soft and thick. and warm. much too warm for here. but i'm saving it for when we go to spain in january.
you can find the pattern here.

i haven't exercised all week {tired much?} and i've been scarfing down chocolate. holding crying babies makes me crave chocolate.

jamie challenged me/us to watch all our christmas movies this year. we figured out that we have 22. so far we've watched five.

our tree is up. the stockings are hung. we're listening to christmas music. and i'm loving watching the boys act out the christmas story with their little people nativity set. the other day i heard noah yelling at jude: LET US IN! WE NEED A ROOM!!! LET US IN OR I'LL PUNCH YOU!
i looked over and found that he was holding mary and joseph and jude was holding one of the wise men. i think maybe he was supposed to be the innkeeper. i'm not quite sure that's how it all went down, but i like jospeh's protective and assertiveness.

a wasp flew into our living room the other day. as it was flying around, it got stuck in a spider's web. i have never seen a daddy long legs {or whatever this african equivalent is called} move so quickly! seriously. the spider was on that wasp so fast. but the wasp got free and we eventually "swooshed" it outside again.

i would like to sleep for the entire weekend. but that's not going to happen.
there are so many good things in my life. but life is not always easy. no matter your stage in life or where you live.
wishing you a wonderful weekend! {and a happy thanksgiving to all my american friends and readers!}


  1. Blaise's hair is amazing!! Oh, and that scarf looks great, maybe an etsy business? Strickly Scarf's?

    We have the tree up too, and the nativity out... our girls think the animals should all line up on the roof, and one bossy angel (Calli) tells them what to do from the air.... hmmmmm....

    Maybe a post on what you guys are doing for advent or the holiday season? Always love hearing what you guys are doing. :)

    1. Bekki, I've totally thought about opening up an Etsy business. Not enough time or access to craft materials. But I've definitely thought about it. Maybe some day...?

      Yes. Will definitely be posting what we're doing for advent. Soon. :) love you!

  2. Heeeheee - I loved Noah's version of events. Does sound quite likely that poor Joseph would've been feeling desperate at the time! I can't believe you guys are all Christmassed up already! So exciting! 22 Christmas movies!!?? You should blog-list them. I couldn't name 10 Christmas movies if I was hard pressed. I love that pic of Blaise - out of interest, why the experiment in non-swaddling? Out of second interest - is this the "usual" time to start not swaddling. I know nothing! xo

    1. Yes, I do believe I will blog-list them. :)
      I do love me a good Christmas movie. And music. I think every year I buy more Christmas music. Someone once said to me that he's never met anyone who owns more Christmas music than I do. I take that as a compliment. :)
      On the swaddle, well. We're just trying it. Basically he gets all hot and sweaty during the day time and he actually does decently but just now I tried it (it's nighttime here) and it just was taking him too long to settle. So I swaddled him again.
      I swaddled Noah 'til he was around 5ish months.
      Jude was not as long.
      I think you can swaddle as long as you have a big enough blanket. :) Some kids are swaddled until 9 months. Some not at all. I'm a firm believer though in the swaddle.

  3. Replies
    1. We definitely need some one-on-one girly time. With no kids. Maybe Blaise. If he keeps quiet. ;)

  4. Lisa (Beth's cousin)November 24, 2012 at 8:13 PM

    Vanessa, I've made your butternut squash soup twice now and it is amazing! Thanks for the recipe :)

    1. You're very welcome. I'm so glad you like it! :)


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