Monday, April 22, 2013

Make Ya Smile Monday {07}

Um, how adorable are these two?

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Seriously, if you don't smile at that, well then, good luck to you!

Happy Monday, everyone! Also, check out this video of the current state of affairs in our home - nothing is safe now! Hide your wife! Hide your kids! {Or just your paperback books and tiny lego pieces, whatevs.}

Blaise crawls from Vanessa Strickland on Vimeo.


  1. Blaise CRAWLS!!!!! madness. look at that lovely bedonkadonk!

    1. I know and I KNOW! :) Crazy crazy. (Watch out, Lupa!)

  2. Awww, I didn't see the crawl til after we skyped...Blaise is on the move!! and those twins?? wow, one is amazing with singing and exactness, the other is full on energy!! strap on your roller blades mom and dad!! :) I pray they also know how to be quiet!! xo Mom

  3. haha those twins were adorable. It was funny to see the different personalities come out in what they paid attention to and how they did it. So cool to see!
    Also THAT KID CRAWLS??? How am I going to hold onto him now when he comes back? He'll be a mover and shaker in 2 months for sure! AAAHHHH!!! I want to squish those chubby legs still haha!


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