Tuesday, April 2, 2013

teething and baby food hack

Okay so I'm not really sure if this is a "hack" per se, but I've always wanted to do a hack and since I'm not super handydandy and can turn an IKEA product into something amazing, here's my best shot.

I think Blaise is teething. He's actually been quite a happy little guy for the past couple months and happier as the days go by. Until a couple days ago. So as a Mama to a baby, you can always blame it on teething. Regardless of the actual cause, it's teething.
And of course he could care less for Sophie or any other teething toy we have, preferring our knuckles or fingers or his toes.
Today I opened our fridge, peeled a carrot, washed it with previously boiled water and then handed the still-cold carrot to Blaise.

Success! He gnawed and licked and drooled all over that carrot like it was the best thing since sliced bread {of which he has no knowledge of, of course}.

And when he got bored or tired enough that I thought he needed a nap, I just rinsed off the carrot, stuck it back in the fridge and gave it back to him this afternoon.

And when you think the carrot has reached its limit, chop it up, boil it until tender, and then blend/mash it to the desired baby food consistency. Voila! A teether and baby food all in one!

*Please do not leave your baby unattended with a carrot and watch to make sure s/he doesn't bite off any little bits. I did not have any issues with Blaise biting off bits, but please make sure to watch your baby.


  1. You are amazing :) Great idea. Love these photos he's SUCH a cutie!!!

  2. i agree with shereen!!! uh.mazing, a freaking carrot!!

  3. Ha ha, JUST did this last week while on vacay in France! Will be doing it again too!!So cheap & easy!


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