Friday, April 5, 2013

things I will miss {an ongoing series}

I've starting compiling in my head and on paper, a list of things I will miss about living here in Kampala.

Right now a storm has just rolled in. I'm hit with that incredibly powerful, heady smell of warm rain hitting dry soil. The temperature drops slightly as winds blow through our open-windowed house. The sound of the rain is so much louder than I'm used to in Canada because of the type of roof we have. It's not exactly corrugated metal, but it's no Canadian {insulted and quiet} roof, either. I love it. Right now the rain falls steadily, but it's not overpowering. Yet. The boys are scared of it. {These same boys are now outside as it storms even harder, with thunder and pounding rain. They frolic about in the deep puddles as if it's not at all scary. Strange children.} I tell them it's a sound that I could fall asleep to and they look at me like I have three heads. Thunder is rolling around in the distance.

I love the rainy season.

I will definitely miss rainy season.

I love the birds here. The massive Marabou Stork with its ugly head, but impressive wing span. Just hanging out in the city. Eating garbage.
The "laughing birds", as I call them that hang out in our trees and tell jokes to each other and then trying to be the one who has the last laugh.
The ones with the long beaks with their black feathers that glisten with dark blues and purples if you watch them in the sun. They come and eat the bugs in our grass and then fly away when we stand by our window and clap really loudly.
The roosters that crow. All throughout the day. Silly roosters.
I hear the birds in the trees in our front and back yards and even if I am woken by them in the morning, it doesn't bother me like being woken by crows did back when I lived with my parents. {I hated those crows.} I will miss these birds.

Our view. I've written about our view before. But it's a glorious, amazing, blessing of a view that we get to wake up and look outside and see this.

to be continued....

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  1. Yes, I loved those crazy birds too!! (black one with curved beak is an Ibis) but the crows here are nasty, I agree! maybe some video/audio footage would be good? so much beauty - enjoy! xo Mom


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