Wednesday, April 3, 2013

april THREE

I almost forgot to take the boys' picture today. Then I looked at the calendar on my computer and realized I get to take another picture of my three boys. I honestly love these monthly pictures and enjoy looking back on the pictures I started taking of them last year!

This is in our backyard {or maybe I should just say it's the part of our yard that's located behind our house since our whole yard is fenced in} under our very own mango tree. I have never seen a mango on this tree, nor eaten one from it although that would have been nice. But the boys, the big boys that is, like climbing it. It's their "climbing tree".

Jamie is taking Noah and Jude to a showing of Madagascar 3 at MishMash tonight under the stars! They're super excited and I think it'll be a fun time for them with Jamie. Some fun "guys time".

We had a good Easter weekend. Very low key and chill. We read the Easter story, watched a cartoon version of Passion week {on Good Friday} and Resurrection {on Easter Sunday} and the boys had some good questions. There was no candy or egg hunt at our house although we did participate in a small egg hunt at MishMash on Monday and the kids were just as thrilled to be searching for laminated paper eggs than to be finding candy. Note to self - don't bother with the candy next year.

On the third of every month I take pictures of my three boys. See past monthly pictures here.


  1. beautiful boys!!!

    random question..have you watched pitch perfect yet?
    also, my mom wants to know when y'all are coming back. she has lego for the boys to play with.

    AND. i'm getting married in a month & a day!

    1. I have not...what is that about again? I'm going to go look it up after I finish this comment.
      We get back June 20th! Huzzah!
      Mama J will be an automatic favourite. :)

      Yay! Wedding! Marriage! :) love you, bonbon!

  2. Wait wait, they were pumped for paper eggs? Genius!!! I like your plan!

  3. Hey Banesser, You're boys are little stud muffins :) Looking forward to seeing you guys when you are back! Love ya girl! Regan

  4. OH my gosh, that last photo. They are SO cute, Vanessa!!! Happy Easter to you and your gorgeous family.


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