Saturday, December 24, 2005

Christmas eve and conversations with myself

It's Christmas eve! I can scarcely believe it! I even had a dialogue with myself this morning (since Jamie was still sleeping and I was getting up early).

"Self, can you believe it's Christmas eve?!? It's finally here!!!"

"I know. But why, oh why are we waking up so ridiculously early? After all, it's Christmas eve AND it's Saturday!"

"Well," I said to myself, "there's a little someone named Shereen who is waiting for you to pick her up so you both can go to Goodlife and do a workout class."

"Workout shmorkout! When was the last time we worked out? And look and how fabulous we look!"

"Yah, well...not quite. There's the issue of the 15 pounds you've put on since you've been married. Or did you forget about that?"

"Why do you keep saying "YOU" when it's you too?!?"

And then I actually got out of bed and ate some wheaties for breakfast.

But all in all, I'm thrilled that it's Christmas eve. It does seem odd, though that it's a Saturday and I'm not at work and neither is anyone else who does the usual 9-5 job. Strange. But nice. I had a lovely nap and quite enjoyed it.
Tonight will be church and then off to Lil's (aka, my mother) for some good eats and most likely some delightful games. I am looking forward to that, to be quite sure.
And then tomorrow will be full of family and presents.
We'll start off here with Jamie's family and then late morning we'll head over to my parent's house for the rest of the day and for Christmas dinner.
So merry Christmas to all, and I'm sure I will blog about it all on the morrow. (I've ALWAYS wanted to say that).

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