Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Tea and Theatre

I wanted to blog about a few things.
First and foremost - well, maybe not foremost - I love tea. I love all kinds of tea. And I have come to realize that there is literally a plethora of teas to choose from. Ultimately tea comes down to 3 categories. Black tea (ie. orange pekoe, earl grey, etc.), Green tea (that speaks for itself) and a third and very rare type of tea called White tea. The rest of teas that you see (ie. blueberry, cranberry, cherry cheesecake - what the?) are actually not teas at all. Because they are not made from tea leaves.
Now that that history on tea is finished - - -
I love tea. I just bought two new teas today. One is Orange Tangerine Zinger. It's delicious. I tried it last weekend and knew that I had to buy it to sip on a regular basis. The other tea is Vanilla Hazelnut. That's right, folks. Vanilla. Hazelnut. Exactly. I was pretty pumped when I saw it. Thank you to Celestial Seasonings for fulfilling my every tea desire. They literally have kajillions of different flavours such as: (and these were my favourites - from the sounds of the name) Almond Sunset, Morning Thunder, Country Peach Passion, Grandma's Tummy Mint and Honey Vanilla Chamomile...the list goes on and on!

Secondly, is that my baby brother (well, he's not really a baby at 15 and taller than me) has the lead role in his highschool play. They're doing The Outsiders. I've never seen the movie, but I will probably go out and rent it now. I went to see them on their opening night tonight. I was really impressed as Curtis has so many lines! He did a really great job and I was really proud of him.
Actually, it's something I've noticed about myself. I enjoy seeing plays and musicals but every time I do I always get this feeling inside of me. Like I wish I could be on that stage acting my little heart out. I always loved being in plays/musicals growing up. I think maybe I will get involved in some kind of Christmas play or Easter play or community theater when I can. I really do love being involved in that kind of stuff.
Lastly, it's supposed to snow a lot over the next 24 hours. You know you're getting old when your very first thought isn't "Yay!". I love the snow, I really do, but my first thought was about driving conditions...and then I thought "yay". :D

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