Friday, December 2, 2005

Searching for God knows what

I'm currently reading Searching for God knows what by Donald Miller - the same dude who wrote Blue Like Jazz. While I do find his writing entertaining, it is usually light reading. Once you follow your way through all the rabbit trails he goes off on, he often makes some great observations. And I appreciate his dry humour. I really liked this paragraph in Chapter 3 called Feet of Trees;

If you ask me, the real way to tell if a person knows God for real, I mean knows the real God, is that they will fear Him. They wouldn't go around making absurb political assertions and drop God's name like an ace card, and they wouldn't be making absurd statements about how God wants you to be rich and how if you send in some money to the ministry God will bless you. And for that matter, they wouldn't be standing on a beach shouting about how they are God, twirling around in the waves.* It seems like, if you really knew the God who understands the physics of our existence, you would operate a little more cautiously, a little more compassionately, and a little less like you are the center of the universe.

*Donald is referring to a comment earlier talking about Shirley Maclain in a made for tv miniseries called Out on a Limb.

I agree. Our God is not safe. He is to be feared.


  1. hey vanessa
    just about finished reading "Blue Like Jazz" myself now...I really like it...he makes some good points...=->
    Is the book you're reading the same style?..
    -Warren G.

  2. Hey Gonsalves,
    Yeah, the book I'm reading is a very similar style of writing. BLJ was more (it seemed to me, at least) a collecion of essays, but SFGKW is ... more random. I haven't read it all yet. But yeah. Same style.


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