Friday, December 23, 2005

Friends & Family

Oh the anticipation. I feel like I've been waiting for Christmas for forever. I think it's because the Stricklands always buy all their presents and get ready so early. But I think I feel this way every year. Last Christmas was so different. This Christmas shall be just as different. No home of our own and yet 2 families just as eager to have us. It'll be a great time with both families and I'm really looking forward to it.
Last night Steve & Rebecca came home (or at least to TO) and we all went out with them to Kelseys. It was a really great time. I really miss those two. It'd be fantastic if they lived here but that's not what they want so we just have to accept that. I'm so glad we can stay in contact with them.
And that's what I also enjoy about this season. Friendship. It's great to have close, long-time friends.

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