Friday, June 2, 2006


So much to read, so little time. Is the comma supposed to be a period? "So much to read. So little time." 2 sentences or 1?
Anyway, in preparation for the 4 seminary courses I will be taking starting June 26th I've been trying to read and take (good) notes.
In doing this, I have rediscovered my ability to be a horrible student. Oh the slacker in me is being unleashed...("Down boy! Sit. Lie down. Stay.")
*rolling eyes*
One of the books I'm reading (ok, so I'm only reading 1 book from the list of books to read for seminary right NOW...but I'm trying to give it my all) is called The Artful Dodger and it's about one man's journey from non-believer to follower of Christ. Each chapter addresses different questions that a lot of people have (both Christian and non-Christian). But what I found intriguing is that he becomes a Christian the 3 chapter or something (there's a lot of chapters).
Ie. What he found out about sin and Christ and mankind was evidence enough to cause him to put his faith in Jesus Christ - even though he still had questions! The rest of the book goes on to address things like the Bible (is it trustworthy?), Evolution (is it really a scientific theory?) and some other really interesting topics.
Needless to say, we don't need to have all the answers to see who we really are, our need for a Saviour and the possibility of relationship with the Creator of the universe.
It's exciting to know that our journey of knowledge and intimacy with Jesus Christ is never ending. At least I think it's exciting.
Maybe I am a keener after all.

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