Tuesday, June 6, 2006


Chivalry does still exist!
Today as my husband and I were in Tim Horton's eating lunch I noticed a group of men sitting by the entrance. Most of them were older, a few gray hairs and one younger looking guy. Anyway, all of a sudden I noticed the young guy jump out of his seat and run to the front door to open it. I looked to see who was coming in - it was a young mom with a toddler in one hand and a baby carriage in another.
It's so nice to see guys - especially YOUNG guys going out of their way to help out us women.
I wonder what the older guys said.

And on another entirely different note, as we stopped off in Zellers to pick up a few things we split up to get different items and when we came back together at the check out, Jamie told me of how he was passing by an elderly woman in an aisle who was using a walker. As he went past her she said she was looking for a comb. Jamie thought for a second and said, "So you're combing the aisles for a comb?" Apparently she let out a huge laugh and when I heard I laughed just as hard (actually, he said we both had the same reaction).
Oh my dear, dear husband and his love of cheesy puns. He really cracks me up.

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  1. hahahahahaha that line is amazing!!!!
    and vaness, did you cut your HAIR??? it looks GOOD!

    i'm blogging again...

    love sab


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