Friday, June 16, 2006


Things I love:
  • driving on long, country roads with the windows down
  • blasting music in the car
  • driving or walking through quaint little towns
  • walking barefoot on grass
  • pears
  • real juice popsicles
  • good conversations with awesome gals
  • laughing so hard my stomach hurts (haven't done that in a long time!)
  • hugs
  • a sense of accomplishment
  • people watching
  • people watching at the airport
  • commercials that make me laugh
  • commercials that make me tear up
  • duvets
  • camping
  • the smell of a camp fire
  • getting snail mail
  • being deeply moved by a worship song - especially while driving down a long, country road!
  • african art
  • photography
  • making lists
  • Thai food
  • the new Pride & Prejudice
  • fresh berries
  • coffee
  • surprises
  • cooking & trying new recipes
  • the sun
  • rainy days
  • rollercoasters
  • trying new things
  • comfy sweaters
  • my crocs
  • hanging out with people
  • being a tourist in your own city
  • travelling
  • reading blogs
  • writing
  • wedding stuff
  • dressing up
  • being pampered
  • ikea ice cubes
  • when the rim of a drinking glass is covered in sugar
  • clean feet

Things that bug me:

  • cat litter strewn about
  • cat litter
  • when my cat is ridiculously clingy (for goodness sakes! be a cat!)
  • when people turning right cut you off and go really slow
  • zits - especially ones that hurt
  • "fat" days
  • going to do something or get something and then forgetting what I'm doing or getting
  • bad drivers
  • drippy taps
  • clocks that make ticking noises
  • hang nails
  • itches that I can't reach
  • whiney people
  • cat/dog hair
  • unruly eyebrows (as mine too often are
  • when my computer randomly shuts off for no reason
  • technical problems
  • doing nothing
  • long nails
  • french pedicures


  1. I agree with you on most of those.... but I didn't like the new Pride and Prejudice... Maybe that's because I saw the A&E version first, and I keep comparing it to that.

    Have you seen the A&E one? It's five hours long, stars Collin Firth (among others) and is brilliant. They obviously added so much more, and they really stuck with the storyline. (I've read the book a number of times, too). The new one with Kiera Knightly was just a LITTLE too ... different.

  2. I actually rented the A&E one a few days ago, watched the whole thing followed by the newer one.
    I must admit, I prefer the newer one so much. I think they did a better job with the casting. I didn't think Jane in the A&E one was very pretty at all and found it a bit humourous that they kept talking about her beauty.
    Colin Firth did a great job and who can say no to those big, brown eyes?
    All in all, I absolutely LOVED the music, cinematography, costumes, scenery, casting, - ok, I loved EVERYTHING about the newer one. It's hard to cram a book, much less 5 hours of story into a 2 hour film.
    Well...I could go on...but I won't. I think I've already dedicated 2 posts to P&P.
    And I could do another one from the looks of this comment! :D


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