Monday, June 19, 2006


Well, my attempt at getting to sleep at a reasonable time is not going so well.
Just as I was getting "sorta" sleepy while lying in bed, Stanley (my idiot cat) starts these lonely little "meow"s.
*shaking my head in disgust* (Be a normal cat, already!)
You'd have thought he'd be thrilled and completely catlike in his contentness with Jamie (his main "sugar daddy" - and by that I mean, the only one who really gives him affection) being home, but nope. He decides now is the perfect time to bemoan his sad, sorry existence.
And then out of nowhere I hear a wretched cat yell - like two cats in a fight or something. I figure there was a cat outside and Stanley went nuts at the window screen.
So here I am in the living room, fully disgusted with Stanley and completely wide awake.
And Jamie sleeps like a baby.
I guess that's jet lag for ya.
Unlike Stanley, I am thrilled the Jamie is back - what a fantastic husband.
Meanwhile, this week begins our mad summer craziness...travelling around and whatnot.
On Wednesday I take Stanley to his "summer camp" as I like to call it. He'll be staying with my cousin who also has a cat. It's going to be interesting to see how the two "only child" cats get along with each other. Stanley will be thrilled to have a playmate, but I'm not so sure how Harley will react.
Friday Jamie leaves for Florida and I'm busy with wedding stuff for my friend; Saturday is the wedding and Sunday I fly to Florida for 4 weeks.
I'm really looking forward to Florida (I'll be taking 4 seminary courses there) and so thankful for the opportunity I have to go places and do the awesome things that I get to do!
Anyway, so that's my late-night-I-can't-sleep post.


  1. Have a good time Treatser...your summer camp thing was funny, I laughed out loud. Learn lots at IBS--see you in July!!

  2. Vaness!
    Have fun! I learned soooo much last summer. I hear you on the trouble sleeping... I'm still on AB time.


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