Monday, May 18, 2009

pregnant and...mostly loving it.

Well this pregnancy has been far more ... body intensive.
By that I mean to say that I am feeling the effects of carrying another person inside me a LOT more than I felt with Noah. I literally can't stand for long periods of time, walk for long periods of time and definitely can't walk as FAST as I could before. I can't imagine hiking up and down a mountain trail like I did with Noah at this point in my pregnancy. I am feeling him much lower and the pressure this puts on my *looks around and says in a quiet, whispery voice* cervix can be a bit much at times - like tonight when Jamie and I went for a walk with Noah in the stroller. It actually was getting to be somewhat painful to walk.
And I HATE complaining about being pregnant as I generally love it, but this time around I don't find it hard to gripe a teeny tiny bit when asked how "it's" going.

I've also officially pulled something in my groin (?) and done something to my shoulder - both on the left side of my body. I felt the groin muscle go when I was holding a heavy box and used my leg to help me open a door. "Oh, yep. That's not going to feel good later on..."
The shoulder...I have no idea. It could be that I mostly sleep on my side, although with all the flip-flopping I do during my sleep I can't imagine it is soley due to my sleep position.
Oh the aches and pains have started!!!

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  1. oh Vaness!! that's poopy. You should have a long hot bath! (won't cure the cervix issue.. but maybe the babe will want to get away from the hot water and stop chilling about down there... ahah.. oh i know so little)


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