Monday, May 18, 2009

body movin'

Holy Bajoley this kid can move when he wants to!
The other day I lay down (after having a large bowl of Lucky, that may have something to do with it come to think of it...) to have a rest/nap and this little guy just started kick boxing, shadow boxing, skip roping and every other vigourous activity you can think of! I felt like my belly was shaking up, down, left and was pretty crazy.
Lately the jumps and movements have been pretty visible from the outside. I remember being able to see big movements with Noah a lot earlier - so maybe this guy will just be smaller! (A girl can hope, right?)
Anyway, so the movements have not slowed - as I originally thought and told my midwife - but have gotten almost more intense and violent! Active little fella. :)

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