Friday, May 8, 2009

midwife appointment

Yesterday I had a midwife appointment and it went by fairly quick although I had Noah with me and he was a bit of a crankster.
I seem to be measuring on target, the baby's heartbeat was strong and she actually caught him in the middle of a heartbeat acceleration (excited about something?) and they took my blood again to see if the iron supplements are helping at all (I hope so!).
I got a ton of pamphlets to read over and we'll discuss at later appointments.
I also met the new intern (the new Rianne :D) who will be there for the duration of my pregnancy and probably the birth of this little guy. She's nice and I like her. She has a sweet spirit I that's good.
Not too much else really, I'm going to get Jamie to take my 29 week pregnancy picture now. (29 weeks!!!!)

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