Sunday, August 15, 2010

On getting there (and back)

We went {read: DROVE} to Quebec last week for our final week of vacation.

That's about a 9-10 hr drive.

{It's at this moment I am realizing the beauty and convenience of diapers.}

Things I learned {or have learned over the past 3 years of traveling with kids}:

Leaving early is usually a good thing. {So is Gravol, for that matter.}

Maybe your kids will sleep, maybe they won't. But hopefully they'll be groggy and QUIET.

and so darned cute!

There's absolutely nothing wrong with wearing your pajamas {or having your kids wear theirs, for that matter} while on a road trip.

Roadtripping is fun {except on the way back when everyone is slowly going crazy - 1,2,3,4,5,6, split! - Sharon, Lois and Bram, anyone?} and allows you to take in the sights and make some fun stops you might not have if you had flown or taken the train.

And when all else fails, remember to bring some form of entertainment. In my Dad's days he said it was new comic books dolled out by his Mom and Dad. Today, it's this:

More Quebec thoughts and pictures to come!


  1. the photos of sleepy jude and mac-book noah make me want to squeeze them fiercely.

  2. Great post! Great pics! I'm glad you guys had a good time! memories were made. (at least for Noah)


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