Thursday, August 19, 2010


Lately my mind and my hands have been busy.

I've been trying to get reorganized {okay, to just GET organized at all!} and for some reason I have a desire to make this house our home {just in time to leave in a year!}.

So I've been looking into a few fun DIY projects and I've been on top of things like laundry and meal plans {okay for like...the past few days...but it's a start!} and I'm only opening my laptop when the boys are napping/sleeping/in "room time", ie. when they aren't around.
I'm focusing on the important things.

And right now cloth diapering is NOT one of those things for me/us.

Despite what all the cloth diapering junkies say, it DOES take more time. Time that I'd rather spend washing the sheets and towels {which I don't wash NEARLY enough as it is!} or cleaning our floors {same deal here, too! In fact, just insert "cleaning the house" and you've got an accurate picture.} or reading my Bible or looking up new recipes of healthy food that my family will like or playing outside or reading books with my sweet ones.

With both boys still in diapers, it's just too much for me right now.

So yes. I'm an environment killer {if you want to get all extreme on me}, but I'm a family lover. And right now the two ARE mutually exclusive.

Props to all the Mommies who can do it all, but right's just not in the cards for me.

I'm not selling them {yet} as I can see myself picking it up again down the road, but right now, they are nicely boxed up and put away in the boys' closet.

In the meantime, we'll love on the environment in other ways. And focus on each other.


  1. Hey, at least you tried it. I never did. I'm sure it's hard with TWO in diapers. Certainly no judgment here! ;)

  2. I love you. Thank you. I needed to read this.

    I'm panicking about the cost of disposable diapers for 2, but I cannot even imagine how much more work it would be to have them in cloth.

    Someone actually suggested it to me the other day–kinda wanted to punch that person.

    Morrow is still in diapers too (turning 2 on Sunday). So...3 in diapers, but cloth just doesn't feel like an option right now.


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