Thursday, August 5, 2010

Your thoughts?

A while back Jamie and I watched a DVD of the best of Will Ferrell on Saturday Night Live and this sketch changed our lives forever:

Specifically at 3:13. Harry Caray talks about Mad Cow disease and then asks Jeff Goldbloom, "Your thoughts?"

This. This phrase has been repeated by Jamie so.many.times I cannot even tell you how often I've heard those words come out of Jamie's mouth in the last few years of our marriage.

And now.


My 2 year old Noah turns to me and says, "Your thoughts, Mama?"

Did you?

Did he?


He just asked me for my thoughts.

Of course he did. Of course. (And he continues to ask me for my thoughts at the most random times which completely throw me for a loop and make me laugh every.single.time.)

And on another funny note of things Noah has said...

Today I was helping him look for 2 cars he got yesterday (and has misplaced already...any of our party guests know where Noah put a black police car "the Sheriff" and a yellow car - both Pixar cars) and as we were tromping upstairs and I said,

Do you remember where you put them in your room?

Noah pauses and then says,

Um, I have to think about it.

Oh that kid.
I mean, it doesn't sound that bad when you read it typed, but when you hear your little two year old say those just sounds so adultish coming out of his mouth.

And then today when he already had us laughing at something he was doing he turns to us and says,

Oh my gosh!


Of course it doesn't help that neither Jamie nor I generally have a very good capacity for holding in our laughter which of course communicates to Noah that this is a funny thing to say that gets him lots of positive attention.


Being a parent sure is fun, but sometimes it's hard to have to be "the responsible one" (and realize that saying things like "Shoot!" or "Crap" or "Oh my gosh" WILL be repeated if you repeat them enough times).


  1. oh man I almost laughed out loud at work...well even though they are "adultish" at least they're clean! :)

  2. oh man I almost laughed out loud at work...well even though they are "adultish" at least they're clean! :)

  3. ahah oh man!! I love that sketch. I can't believe Noah says that! Amazing.

  4. that IS super cute. I have great admiration for parents who can keep a straight face when their kid does something bad, but really really cute.

    There was one Winter Conference where Isaiah Huska was trying to get his mother to wait outside instead of inside, and said "Well, I'm just going to go outside, and you can follow me out if you want."
    Of course Adelle still won that fight, but it was just really funny to see the imitation that is there.

    So you be careful how you teach your children...they will use it to teach you.



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