Sunday, August 22, 2010

Undeserved beauty.

A couple days ago I took the boys and met up with friends and their 2 kids for a walk through the forest in a conservation area.
Noah and their son were collecting sticks and having "sword fights" with the trees. They were talking and laughing and, well...being boys. Loud. Fun. Enjoying themselves.

We talked about the things we were seeing; trees, rocks and abandoned campfires.

We talked about the things we hoped we would see; namely animals. Maybe rabbits or deer.

Us adults looked at each other and smiled knowing we were all being too loud for any animal to stick around.

And then...

up the path...

Dawn says, "Look!"

We turn around and there's a deer.
With her two fawns.
They stop and look at us. We look at them.
Then they walk deeper into the forest and then they're gone.


Despite all our noise {and our doubt} we got to see such beautiful creatures.

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