Thursday, June 9, 2011

Dear Strangers in Paris,

To the man on the bike with baguettes in your basket weaving up and down the narrow street,

To the 2 young teen girls who did a double cheek kiss goodbye on the metro,

To our waiter wearing a black bow tie who insisted on pouring our wine for us every time we got low,

To the gorgeous woman riding a moped smoking a cigarette as you navigated your way onto the sidewalk around a bus,

To the guys who mooned us while we were on our boat tour of the Seine,

To all the patisseries with your baguettes and croissants and pain au chocolat,

To cafe patrons sitting outside with your beer and wine, smoking your cigarettes,

To French people everywhere with your adorable accents,

...thank you. You made our experience of Paris completely wonderful and unique and I can't imagine our two days in Paris any more perfect (besides for the rain and overcast skies).


  1. So lovely...and I hope you have a picture to accompany each and every one of these things. unbelieveably different is Uganda going to be for you.

    Wow. Can't wait to hear about it!

  2. WOW V I can picture it all in my head like a beautiful movie!!! I'm so excited to see photos and hear about your Uganda portion too :)

  3. Love that you loved my Paris!

  4. How wonderful that you guys got to experience something sweet (albeit short) before you're epic move. So glad you loved Paris. I also fell in love with it, its hard not to! Hope Uganda is going well. Love ya!


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