Friday, June 24, 2011

from 6 to 13 5 years.

5 years ago it was just the six of us. 

Mike, Elisha, Jamie and I road tripped it to Windsor to hang out with the newlyweds, Steve & Regan. 

Now there are thirteen of us. 
6 adults.
7 kids.

It didn't feel like there were as many of us as it looks. 
Does that make sense?

It was fun. 
I have some good memories that I'll recall over the next two years with fondness and thankfulness to have such wonderful people in my life.

*photo credit to Regan Thomson (or at least to her camera. and to the kiddie ride attendant that took the picture.)


  1. aw! that looks like such a great place to have a great time. and all those kiddies!! so glad you have young fam friends who you can do these things with V! xx

  2. WOW. amazing you guys all look great and I can't believe there's more kids than parents to hold them!

  3. Thank you for making the trip guys! We will miss you when you are away! We are grateful for the awesome memories! xoxo (p.s. I am following through on my promise to post stuff) Love ya, Reegs


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