Monday, June 20, 2011


i go to therapy. 
a few times a week.
but i don't see a counselor.

it's laundry.
i hang my laundry on the line.

and it's like therapy for me. 
it used to frustrate me.
how long it took to hang everything up.

but now i actually enjoy it.
i'm not sure what happened along the line for me to get where i am
but it's soothing.
and sometimes (most times) i'm a little ocd about it.
i hang all the shorts first.
then the tees.
and sometimes i colour co-ordinate them as i hang them.
it's my little system. 
i think it's something i can accomplish and tangibly see results.

today is a perfect day for laundry.

a perfect day for therapy.

*please don't misunderstand and think i am making fun or light of therapy or conditions like ocd. i realize there are reasons to go to therapy. hanging my laundry helps me clear my mind and feel relaxed. it is therapeutic for me. thanks.


  1. i use that time for myself too. I look forward to the first time each year I can get out htere and hang it all up.
    (and I always want to take a picture but I never do, so i love this picture you took)

  2. probably therapeutic since you've had children. The mundane becomes a little bit more enjoyable eh?


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